Pumpy Jackson Chocolate - Coconut

Pumpy Jackson

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The healthiest chocolate we’ve ever come across! We’re all about healthy balance and this chocolate is not only good for you, but tastes super creamy and indulgent too. Pumpy Jackson have truly created a wonder product - not only is it vegan, it is free from dairy, gluten, soy, GMO’s, emulsifiers, sugar, agave and coconut nectar. With only 4% natural sugar, it has less sugar than a carrot! It is sweetened only with prebiotic rich monk fruit and almond that promote healthy gut bacteria and nurture the gut lining.

Vegan | No added sugar, agave or coconut nectar | No added gluten | No added dairy | No emulsifiers | No preservatives | No GMOs

Ingredients; Cocoa Mass, coconut milk powder, cocoa butter, almond milk powder, Chicory Root (inulin prebiotic fibre), Coconut (6%), monk fruit, chia, tapioca, natural vanilla, non GMO corn starch (0.1%)

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