My story

Valeria and Orlando Ramirez

A nest is a place that mama birds create to shelter and raise their young. It's a place of safety, a place to nurture, and eventually learn to fly. So this is my dream for my Well Nest - to help all that dwell here to find comfort, nourishment and learn  to thrive and eventually fly in this big beautiful world of ours. 

Born in the USSR, I moved to Australia twenty something years ago to enjoy a safe and more colourful life with my family. We've lived all over this great country of ours and have settled on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland with my son Orlando and sexy Mexican husband Santiago. 

With a Bachelor in Communications, and many years working as a Journalist I have always had a love for writing, but never quite found that special something that lit me up from the inside. I've always felt a pull towards health and nutrition, and in trying to understand and heal my own body I became a Personal Trainer and certified Holistic Health Coach. By blogging about my journey to health, I've been able to overcome my own struggles with eating and have helped countless clients do the same. 

I am no longer afraid of food, and love nourishing my body with all the amazing produce we have available to us here in Australia. Having grown up on mostly brown soviet staples like Broscht, Beef, Bread and Cabbage Rolls I'm hooked on adding colour to my plate in any way I can. 

In 2017 I decided to ditch eating meat. This has been something I've always felt the need to do, but wasn't ready until last year. Learning to live off a plant based diet has been another road of self discovery, and I use this blog to share my plant based, family friendly creations with you all. I still cook the occasional bit of meat for my boys, but it's been nice to cut back on our daily meat and three veg, and embrace a whole new world of ingredients.

I love moving my body. I workout not to look a certain way but to be strong and resilient enough to handle anything life throws at me. 

We love to travel and often take our son on our adventures. In my travel section you can read about the destinations we've been to, and tips on how to travel better.

Travel quote Gustave Flaubert

While we may be small, the impact we leave on this planet is enormous. The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year. Much of this household waste is completely avoidable – like plastic packaging and food waste. This blog and my online store is also about inspiring you to waste less and make small, yet powerful changes that will help keep our planet beautiful for generations to come. 

I love hearing from my readers, and showcasing other modern mamas through submission articles and interviews, so please email with any comments, suggestions or just to say hello!

The Well Nest is a hub for all things tasty, healthy, sustainable and aspirational. Sharing my passion for wellbeing and living your best life, my goal is to inspire you to create wellness and happiness from the inside out. I want to help you not only learn how to improve your life, but also enjoy it. This journey is all about finding that beautiful balance.

Be Well.