The Healthy Foodie Box

We know you are busy, so we have packed our store with a selection of the best products to make your life a little easier and healthier.

Our brand new Healthy Foodie Box gives you access to some of the best foodie essentials around Australia! We have worked hard to find only the highest quality products to put in our boxes that are all natural and GMO-free. We also try to cater to everyone with most of our products being sustainable, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, Paleo or vegan.

We know you're busy, so we've done all the hard work for you, searching for only the very best because well... you deserve it!

Here's what you get

Alg Seaweed Black Lava Salt 50g 

Now this is something a little special...we found a delicious way to boost your iodine levels with Alg Seaweed salts! This nutritionist developed range of innovative products are crafted with Tasmanian hand harvested seaweed. Seaweed is known to be high in fibre, magnesium, vitamin K, calcium, folate, vitamin B12 and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

This Black Lava Salt has been the best seller from the get-go and we can see why. Boosted with activated charcoal to detox and cleanse, it is best enjoyed best with avocado, mushrooms and soups. Each serve of Alg Black Lava Salt provides a whopping 44% RDI of iodine for adults. Get sprinkling!

The Monday Food Co Macadamia & Cranberry Paleo Granola 300g

Whether it be in a bowl with almond milk, or straight out the packet, we’re hooked on this delicious granola. Based in Byron Bay, The Monday Food Co began out of frustration at the lack of truly nourishing, readily available breakfast options. Indi and her team have created a 100% organic, gluten free, grain free and sugar free granola to sustain you through your busy day.

This Macadamia & Cranberry Paleo Granola is jam-packed full of goodness! Crunchy toasted nuts and seeds, the creaminess of macadamias and the subtle sweetness from the cranberries, it is a flavour sensation. Open up and enjoy!


Nutra Organics Natural Gelatin 250g

This incredible product is a must-have for every pantry! Gelatin comes from the protein, collagen, which goes to work in our body to naturally boost collagen production that aids digestion, heals and seals the gut lining, strengthens bones, joints and muscle tissue, boost metabolism and immunity, and promote firmer, glowing skin. Gelatin provides the necessary building blocks, like glycine to restore and repair the gut lining, encouraging the growth of good bacteria keeping our immune system strong and increasing our overall wellbeing.

It is commonly used in soups or sauces, and can be used to make gummies and other treats. We have included a recipe card here for amazing Yummy Tummy Gummies! Such a great way to nourish yourself from the inside out.

Byron Bay Peanut Butter Company Chunky Salted Peanut Butter 375g

Wholesome, pure, sustainable peanut butter...we’re in love! The guys at Byron Bay Peanut Butter are doing things right. They source local Queensland peanuts and transport them to Byron Bay, where they are smashed into the goodness in front of you today. Australian Grown Hi Oleic Peanuts have a different oil chemistry to regular peanuts. They still taste great – just like old-fashioned peanuts – but the oleic acid ratio more closely resembles that of Olive oil & Avocado Fats, making them a healthier option and allowing them to stay fresher for longer.

This Chunky Salted variety is their best seller and it’s clear to see why. Use it in smoothies, raw treats, on some toast, or cook up a gorgeous stir fry. No - we won’t judge if you eat if straight from the spoon!

Wholefood Society Organic Banana Bread Mix 238g

Love baking, hate the mess and the 100 ingredients needed to create something delicious and healthy? These bake mixes are life-savers! Wholefood Society bakes mixes are free from grains, gluten, refined sugar, preservatives and additives. They are 100% organic and made from natural, real food to maximise their health benefit and cater to a variety of food sensitivities.

No measuring, wasted ingredients or risk...this Banana Bread is fool-proof! Simply add three ingredients, bake and devour with your favourite cuppa. 

Love Tea Skin Glow Tea 50g

We love nothing more than a big pot of herbal tea on our desk and this organic handcrafted Skin Glow blend ticks all the boxes! Love Tea collaborate with growers and small scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients and focus on optimum therapeutic benefit, exceptional flavour and minimal impact on the environment.

This is a light and refreshing blend of earthy botanicals, balanced with tones of mint. Carefully selected by a naturopath, this combination of spearmint, burdock root, echinacea, calendula and red clover supports healthy, clear skin. It helps reduce inflammation, improve clearance of toxins, and filters impurities from the skin and blood. Take a moment for you! 

Savour Snacks Moroccan Spice Savour Bites 120g

These bites are the ultimate high fibre and protein savoury snack on-the-go. Savour Snacks use herbs and spices to create delicious, nutritious, balanced plant-based snacks that are free from nuts, gluten, grains, dairy and sugar - making them suitable for all paleo and low FODMAP diets. Savour Snacks are super conscious about minimising waste and their impact on the earth, so use “blemished” organic locally grown vegetables.

These warming Moroccan Spice bites combine shredded carrots with a heady mix of Middle Eastern spices and herbs. The seeds are activated before being baked long and low to create a toothsome, chewy mouthful of sustaining energy. Try them with your favourite dip, crush them over a salad or simple enjoy as they are.

Pumpy Jackson Rocky Pink Salt Chocolate 90g

The healthiest chocolate we’ve ever come across! We’re all about healthy balance and this chocolate is not only good for you, but tastes super creamy and indulgent too. Pumpy Jackson have truly created a wonder product - not only is it vegan, it is free from dairy, gluten, soy, GMO’s, emulsifiers, sugar, agave and coconut nectar. With only 4% natural sugar, it has less sugar than a carrot! It is sweetened only with prebiotic rich monk fruit and almond that promote healthy gut bacteria and nurture the gut lining.

It is so hard to choose a favourite, but this Rocky Pink Salt has flavour, texture, bitterness and sweetness that are all beautifully balanced. Eating the whole slab is totally acceptable!

The Daily Bar Gut Loving Bar 50g

Finally...a delicious healthy snack bar that isn’t loaded with sugar or nasty fillers! The Daily Bar focus on real organic goodness that spoils your tastebuds without spoiling your health. Free of dates, processed protein powders, gums, starches or preservatives, these bars are the perfect balanced snack to get you through the day, delivering ingredients that are pure, original and wholesome in their most natural form. More so, their are adamant to leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

This Gut Loving bar, made with lemon, coconut and prebiotics, is healthy, uplifting and fresh. Sprinkle some love on your gut flora while enjoying a lemon coconut delight. Yay to giving your gut a big hug!

Ever Eco Rose Gold on-the-go straw kit

Reducing waste while out and about is something we are becoming more and more conscious about. We are committed to not only making lifestyle changes that are less harmful to ourselves, but to the environment too, and Ever Eco help make both possible. Ever Eco are an amazing local business who focus on bringing you stylish, practical and affordable eco friendly healthy homewares.

This rose gold on-the-go set features a super gorgeous rose gold stainless steel straw, cleaning brush and handy little organic cotton pouch for easy transportation. This straw is non toxic and free from chemicals which are found in plastic. Little changes make a big difference, so play your part by taking this little cutie with you to your favourite smoothie spot!

The Swag Small Veggie Swag Bag

This Swag Bag is another amazing new product you are going to love using in your home! The Swag is an innovative, reusable, Fresh Produce Storage Bag that keeps fruit & veggies fresher for longer. It saves money, time and the Earth, with less waste, less trips to the shops and less plastic!

It is all about giving back, from extending the life of customer's fresh produce by weeks, to acting consciously and thoughtfully, they make a real difference to the place we live and the earth as a whole. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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