What is The Well Nest?

Thank you for stopping by. Grab your self a cup of tea and enjoy the next few minutes you have to yourself, I know as a mum this can be a rare treat!

My name is Valeria Ramirez, I am mum and an online business owner. The Well Nest is my first baby that I launched 2011 with a vision of it one day growing into a one stop (physical) shop where you could do a workout or a yoga class, see a Naturopath and grab a nutritious bite to eat. Human motherhood stepped in, and my business baby had to adjust into our new family. Balancing motherhood and a full time business was a lot harder than I anticipated, and unfortunately my health was the first thing to break. Adrenal fatigue sidelined me for over three months, and as a result I had to shut down my beloved kitchen, and stop my training groups.

Rather than throwing the towel in completely, I ventured off online to bring you this cosy nest where you can try healthy recipes, pick up some healthy alternatives (that actually work) for your body, home and kitchen, and follow my journey of running a business and raising a tiny human. You can follow my journey here, on Facebook and via my Instagram feed.