7 recipes to keep you warm this winter

June 06, 2017 0 Comments

7 recipes to keep you warm this winter

When the temperature drops, there is nothing better than tucking into something warm, fragrant and satisfying. Here are a few of our favourite recipes to inspire your next tasty creation.

Apple crumble

We love pretty much everything by The Healthy Chef, and especially this healthy take on the humble apple crumble. It fills the whole house with sweet aromas of vanilla and spice. Leftovers can be easily transformed into a spectacular breakfast! Full recipe here.

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup

This Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup by Liz from Floating Kitchen, is the perfect cozy dish to warm the belly, and feed the soul.  It’s very hearty, kind of nutty and has just the right amount of spice. Perfection! Full recipe here.

Warm Freekeh Salad

Get your freekeh on! I had to say it! What is freekeh you say? It’s cracked wheat - when cooked, it's a little bit chewy, and earthy flavored. Love this tasty salad recipe by A House in the Hills. Tossed through with roasted butternut squash, shallots, pomegranate seeds, mint and crumbled sheep’s feta. Delish! Full recipe here.

Winter Detox Moroccan Sweet Potato Lentil Soup (Slow Cooker)


A soul-warming Moroccan sweet potato lentil soup recipe by Little Spice Jar. Perfect to make ahead of time using your slow cooker and requires hardly any work at all. Plus, it makes the whole house smell warm and cozy! Yum! Full recipe here.

Khao Soi Soup

Beat the winter chill and fill your belly with this take on a Thai classic by the Lazy Cat Kitchen. Full of spice, seasonal veggies and noodles bathed in an aromatic curry broth inspired by a Thai classic soup. This vegan Khao Soi is easy to make, filling and very satisfying! Full recipe here.

Slow Cooked Maple Lamb Pasta with Fennel and Olives

Fragrant, aromatic and melt in your mouth good, this Donna Hay creation is definitely one to try for the cooler months. Full recipe here.

Nut Butter Sea Salt Brownies

For those days when only an gooey chocolatey morsel would do, we love the Nut Butter Sea Salt Brownies by Jessica Sepel. Oozing, gooey and decadent, this recipe is everything you could want from a brownie but without gluten, dairy or refined-sugar. We're sold!

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