A peak inside a healthy foodie's fridge

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Ever wondered what is inside a healthy foodie's fridge? We had a chat to Ellen of @ellencharlottemarie about her healthy fridge essentials and what she needs to stay nourished all week long. Keeping healthy food on hand each day is key to making the right choices for your health.

These are Ellen's must-haves:

  • The most important thing to have in my fridge is plenty of fruit and veggies. I'm that kind of person that opens her fridge, looks what's in it and then decides what I'm going to prepare for lunch. 
  • The second most important thing is probably all kinds of plant-based milk. Oat milk, almond milk and rice-coconut milk are my absolute favourites.
  • You will always find coconut yoghurt in my fridge for a quick breakfast with fresh fruit and homemade granola. Also coconut cream to prepare desserts and one pot stews and curries.
  • I am growing a few herbs in my garden but I can't seem to manage to keep coriander alive, so I'll always have some store bought coriander in my fridge.
  • I love having all kinds of leftovers such as porridge, hummus, grilled veggies, homemade pesto's and soup. I'm always try to make some extra to have for the next day.
  • My freezer always has frozen bananas and berries to make nice cream. Always! In our house we make nice cream every evening and the kids love it.
  • You probably will find some sweet snacks or whatever is left of it my fridge too. Like homemade healthy snickers, granola bars, banana bread...they are our favorites.
  • My fridge is always too small, and always empty too soon!

What are your healthy fridge essentials? Figure out your favourite foods that are most versatile, and make sure they stay stocked up so that you always have nutritious options available. With a little preparation, healthy can be easy!

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