Follow Friday - Casey-Lee, Live Love Nourish

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Follow Friday - Casey-Lee, Live Love Nourish

Qualified nutritionist, naturopath, wife, and mum to a gorgeous toddler, Casey-Lee Lyons inspires us with her refreshing approach to wellness and love for real food via Live Love Nourish. She shares her expert nutrition and lifestyle advice, and delicious wholefood recipes on her site and in her signature 8-week program, and is about to launch her latest recipe book. We catch up with the busy mum to learn more about her wellness philosophy, her tips for nourishing little ones, life behind the scenes, and how she juggles it all. 

Name: Casey-Lee Lyons aka @livelovenourishaus 
Age: 31
City: Brisbane 

Motto or mantra you live or work by:  

“Live the real you, love truly and deeply, nourish from the inside out.” This is actually the philosophy my business is built upon. 

Tell me about Live Love Nourish and what inspired you to start it?

Live Love Nourish is a health and wellness website that shares my real food recipes and nutrition and lifestyle guides for a healthier and happier you. On the website you will find hundreds of free recipes and tips as well as nutritionally designed meal plans and guides in my 8-week program and my latest unseen recipes in my new recipe book. 

My holistic approach to wellbeing encompasses what it means to nourish your body from the inside out. I believe in nourishing your body with real and whole food, learning to develop a healthy and positive relationship with yourself and listening to your body to find what works best for you. 

I truly believe that everyone deserves health and happiness and that our bodies are unique which means our nutritional requirements are unique too, so I created Live Love Nourish and our signature 8 Week Program to inspire others to holistically nourish their body and to be the healthiest and best version of themselves.

Why did you choose the name Live Love Nourish?

I chose the name Live Love Nourish as it really captures the three pillars I believe contribute to wellbeing; to live true to yourself, loving yourself and others and nourishing your body from within. 

Are you 100% healthy all the time? 

I focus on making self-loving choices that leave me feeling the best version of myself, to the best of my ability, without guilt, fear or pressure. I believe we shouldn’t eat out of fear or guilt but instead to eat from love. 

What does healthy mean to you?

I believe that health starts within, so for me ‘healthy’ is all about having a positive relationship with yourself and loving yourself enough to nourish it with foods that will love your body back. 


Casey-Lee food

I believe you have a book launching shortly - tell me about it… 

I'm so excited to share that my brand new recipe e-book that contains 80 simple real food recipes (all free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar) is now available from 30 September! The book also contains my food philosophy and tips on how to personalise recipes. The recipes are really easy to make and some of my family’s favourites.

You can check out a couple of sneak peek images of what’s inside here:

I understand you are a Mum to a toddler. What are your top tips for getting our little ones to eat healthy?

Yes, I have a beautiful toddler who is my everything. We love to get her involved in food; where it comes from (she love’s our herb garden) and in the kitchen too. Getting her involved in our food shopping (she loves farmer’s markets) and in the kitchen (even though it gets really messy!) inspires a positive and fun relationship with food. 

How do you manage to have time for everything?

Being a full-time mum and business owner I’ve learned to be really flexible and live and work in a flow that supports myself and family. Some days I get more done than others and that’s ok. I believe if you show up fully, life creates space for what is needed right now. 

What/who helped you make your dreams come true?

My daughter. She inspires me everyday to live with love and purpose. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

With a toddler, life everyday is so different but my day usually is made up of toddler activities, mum duties, outdoor exercise, emails, recipe development, cooking and sharing posts and recipes online and on social media. 

How do you know that things are a little our of balance?

I’m a big believer in listening to your body. I love the quote “if you listen to when your body whispers, you won't have to hear it scream” and by tuning in with my body I know when things are out of balance, my body tells me so. 

How do you take care of yourself when this happens?

I take a step back to reconnect within. I slow down, in every way, and simplify as much as possible. 

On the weekend, people will find you…

Playing outdoors with my toddler or in the kitchen cooking (with my toddler too). Being in the kitchen creating recipes is my happy place. 

What’s your favourite recipe?

Oh I love the Sugar Free Banana Bread (grain free) that’s on my website. It’s so simple and delicious (and of course healthy). You can find the recipe HERE on The Well Nest blog.

Top 5 instagram accounts that you follow and why…

@modernfoodstories - Jo has amazing recipe ideas and a zest for life that’s super inspiring. 

@thefitfoodieblog - Sal is an incredible entrepreneur.

@thetoastedpinenut - I love Lindsay’s delicious videos.

@nadiafelsch - Nadia was one of the first Insta friends I met in real life, she is all kinds of amazing. 

@wholesomepatisserie - Sam’s food photography is epic! Such a gorgeous woman. 



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