Eco Friendly Beach Toys

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Our use of plastic is a big talking point across Australia, and with recent bans on single-use plastic bags and plastic straws, the time has come to consider other ways we could minimise the plastic in our daily lives. 

When you are a mum on the Sunshine Coast your daily life most likely includes plastic beach toys! 

Here at The Well Nest, we have a range of eco and reusable options for shopping bags, food containers, straws, and more, and we have searched far and wide for the best non-plastic beach toys available. 

One amazing range comes from DANTOY who has created a form of BIOplastic made from sugarcane.

This ‘plastic’ is as pure as you can buy and breaks down to only natural waste - meaning no plastic in our oceans, and no plastic harming sea and wildlife. 

Although not made for the beach the large dump trucks, boats, submarines and construction vehicles made by GreenToys are ideal for hours of sand play. 

Made in the USA from 100% food-safe recycled plastic milk containers, the toys are sturdy with a focus on safe design to make them suitable for babies to older children. While these toys are made from recycled materials, they are not biodegradable or ocean safe. 

So this year as you get ready for your summer beach escape, or stock up on beach toys for the kids, join us in making a more eco-friendly and ocean safe choice. 

You can find a range of DANTOY beach toys at Australian online stockist Little Vikings

You can find a large range of GreenToys online and in-store at Sunshine Coast stockist Rainbow Fun

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