How to make 2016 your fittest year yet

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How to make 2016 your fittest year yet


Fitness FOMO is real. If you've never heard of it, FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out ... and in this case... fear of missing out on the latest and greatest in the fitness world.

Group training is my favourite way to stay fit. To date I've made great friends and done things I never imagined possible. There are so many amazing classes and fitness instructors to try all around Australia. The only catch is that it can be expensive. Paying per class can add up, and buying session packs at various studios will also incur a hefty upfront cost.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was one pass that you could use between your Yoga/Barre/HIIT/boxing/swimming and outdoor training groups? Luckily... there now is! Say hello to Bodypass!

Bodypass gives you access to unlimited fitness classes and outdoor activities, for only $99 a month. How good is that!?

Fitness and weight loss, especially after the SSB (silly season binge), is high on  everyone's new year's resolutions list, as well as getting to more yoga classes, or trying something new.

Bodypass makes getting to all your classes much more achievable with access to over 560 studios and outdoor activities across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This is ideal for those that travel for work (husband, I hope you're reading this).

There are options to suit all tastes and fitness levels including spin, pilates, yoga, meditation, boxing, strength training and so much more.

Not sold yet? You get a 7 day trial to see if Bodypass is right for you.

Founders Georgia van Tiel, and Carla McMillan, hope the New Year brings fresh attitudes and ignites passion for health and wellness.

“Many people who are eager to start a health and fitness program are daunted by big gyms or committing to classes beyond their ability,” says van Tiel.

“We want a healthy lifestyle to be accessible to everyone, which is why our team has personally tried and tested every studio on the Bodypass network. We know there is something on offer for everyone.”

McMillan elaborates; “The hardest thing is getting started and maintaining the routine, but if you start with one or two classes a week you will soon find it becomes part of your lifestyle.”

“Exercise is a great stress reliever, producing all the happy hormones helping to balance your entire endocrine system. Who doesn’t want to start a New Year happy and healthy?”

The affordable $99 monthly membership runs on a recurring, monthly cycle alleviating locked in contracts and long-term commitments.

Georgia and Carla’s tips to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Plan your week: Choose the days and times you will work out and plan your social life around them. Book into classes you want to do and look forward to them rather than dread them.
  2. Get variety in your workouts: Make sure you mix it up, don’t let your exercise regime get boring and your body will thank you for it. Try new classes or different work outs each day to keep it interesting.
  3. Bring a friend along: Get a friend or work colleague to come along to a class with you or use a class as a way to catch up with friends rather than dinner and drinks. It will leave you less inclined to ditch the class and turns it into a fun way to workout.
  4. Be realistic: Don’t for a second think those models on Instagram are your goal. Start with goals that are realistic and make sure you reward yourself for reaching them. Start slow by introducing a workout a couple of times a week and once it becomes your routine, start to amp it up.
  5. Share your goals: Tell a few people you want to lose weight or get fit or be able to run up a hill, works, because you are less likely to give up if other people are supporting you and helping you succeed. If you’ve got your own support team, they’ll be there to give you that extra motivation when you need it.
  6. Don’t give up: We all experience setbacks, which can lead us back to bad habits. If you have a night off or don’t seem to be reaching your goal, don’t let it stop you. It hasn’t been all for nothing. Continue to participate, share your results with the rest of the community, and get back on track! You’ll be proud of yourself.

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