New kids on my block - Pressed Juices, my three day detox journey

October 12, 2015 0 Comments

We all need a little refresher every now and then. I find cold pressed juice cleanses the easiest way to give my body a break from everyday overindulgence and let go of nasty little habbits that don't necessarily serve me well. Before I started I had gained about 3kg since arriving from our family holiday to Europe, I was relying on my morning coffee and was constantly tired. 

I first became aware of Pressed Juices, like pretty much everything else these days, through Instagram. I saw their pretty posts popping up, and wished there was one closer to try. Having tried a few juice cleanses in the past I was particularly impressed with Pressed Juices. The cleanse program is designed specifically by Nutritionists and include a wide variety of fresh produce, focusing specifically on those plants traditionally praised for their ‘cleansing’ properties.

According to their website, much of their produce is organic when supply and seasonality allow. Pressed Juices choose not to mislead their customers by labeling their product as "organic" like many other companies do, when they cannot always guarantee this. Dealing with produce on a daily basis in the Well Nest Kitchen, I know that due to supply issues, bacterial contamination concerns, and the inconsistent organic certification process in Australia, it's very challenging to guarantee something will be 100% organic, so I value their honesty in that regard.

So here's the scoop.

What I ordered...

There are three cleanses to choose form. The Basic, Advanced and Master. I opted for the 3 day advanced cleanse which is a slightly more intense than the basic and rife with greens.

Price: $198 (not including delivery, I chose to pick up)

What I got...

Picking up proved to be a mega bonus because I got to talk to the lovely Sofie Van Kempen, the in-house nutritionist/ manager at the Creek Street store, Brisbane. My pick-ups were split into two, to guarantee ultimate freshness. This also meant that I could change juices before I took my order home. There are 8 bottles per day to get through at 2 hour intervals. They are all clearly labeled in the order you need to drink them. You also get all the instructions on how to cleansea gorgeous little cooler bag to carry your goodies home.

What I loved...

1. The variety - you can chop and change what you order to suit your taste and needs.

2. Less sugar - the juices are far less sugary than most of the leading ones on the market.

3. The detail - every juice is labeled, and you are provided with a detailed list of instructions. I was also contacted by the store manager/nutritionist who followed up with more tips on how to make the most of the cleanse.

4. Innovation - I loved surprise ingredients like activated charcoal and bentonite clay making an appearance in the "tonics" both have wonderful detoxing properties.

5. How i feel - although the first two days were a little hairy, nothing beats the flat tummy, glowing skin, and overall glow you see on day three and when the cleanse is over.

With stores right across the country you'll be sure to find one near you. Check out for more info.

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