Healthier.Happier Queensland - why we are loving the new Government initiative.

July 27, 2015 0 Comments

What a blessing it is to live in a beautiful state like Queensland! Whether it’s on the plain in the outback, amongst the hills in the city, or by the salt air at the beach, the beauty of our state stretches far and wide. The great outdoors, coupled with stunning Queensland weather, makes it one of the best places to be active. It may come as a surprise to many of you to then learn that Queensland has the highest rate of obesity in Australia!


Current research shows that an astonishing 65% of Queenslanders are overweight or obese, with a further 23% at risk of being overweight in the future.

How does this happen when we are so active?!

This undoubtedly signifies the importance of good nutrition, and healthy eating habits, in attaining and maintaining health. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Even if you remain slim, your insides will be screaming out for some nutritional loving!

“When our bodies and minds are healthy, we feel better, we look better, we have more energy, and we’re able to get more out of life!” – QLD Department of Health

So what must be done to change this statistic? Is there any hope for Queenslanders and our children?

Introducing Healthier.Happier.

Healthier. Happier. is a Queensland Government initiative working towards making Queensland the healthiest state by encouraging people to make small changes that will positively influence their health, day by day.

Eat More Plants is our founding philosophy here at The Well Nest! We believe that everyone can do with a little more veggies and wholefoods in their diets, and that is exactly what the Colour Recipe Wheel (found on the Healthier.Happier website) is all about – a resource for educating people about delicious, easy, and quick ways to incorporate more plants (i.e. fruits and vegetables) into their diet everyday, at every meal.

The Colour Recipe Wheel is an interactive colour wheel that divides each plant-based food into their respective colour scheme – e.g. red for apples, capsicum, and tomatoes; purple for plums, eggplant, and beetroot.

By selecting a colour on the wheel, you can learn all about the fruits and vegetables of that colour. This includes valuable information about the macro and micro nutrient value and the associated health benefits.

The next step is learning how you can incorporate more of those plants into your diet. By selecting either ‘breakfast’, ‘snacks’, or ‘light meals’ and a designated time (any, 15mins or less, 30mins or less, or 45mins or less) you simply ‘spin the wheel’ again, to which you will be presented with simple and tasty recipes that incorporate one or more of the coloured plants you have chosen.

We have had a few turns at the Colour Recipe Wheel and it seems great! It is a simple yet effective tool that is user, and especially kid, friendly! The colour wheel offers a lot for learning about the wonderful and life-giving benefits of fruits and vegetables. Even the slightest positive change towards a healthier lifestyle is a beneficial one, and we’re proud that the state is taking initiative to educate people on better food choices (and by ‘better’ we mean incorporating more ‘plant-based’ foods at every meal – yum!).

Why not give it a try! Visit

Disclaimer from Healthier.Happier: the colour recipe wheel was not designed to substitute professional medical advice. Rather, it is a simple and fun way to encourage people to start thinking about their eating habits, and introduce plant-based meals as a part of a healthier lifestyle. If you have any concerns regarding your health, please contact a qualified health professional.

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