3 Inventions That Will Change Your Period Forever

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Let's face it, when it comes to periods... the word AWESOME rarely springs to mind. And since the invention of pads and tampons there really hasn't been much progress in making our monthly troubles any easier. No body wants to talk about it, nobody  wants to know about it. Until now ... ladies get ready, these nifty little inventions may change the way we experience periods all together. Here are three amazing inventions that will the game forever!

1. THINKS Period Underwear

When I first started seeing posts about these "panties" (awful word) on facebook, I was intrigued. So naturally I had to buy some. I'm only my third cycle with these bad girls and I'm super impressed because they literally replace the need for using pads or liners and can be used as a backup or replacement to tampons, cups, or sea sponges (ya know, if you’re into that), depending on your flow. Never have leakage freak-age again! Sounds so gross but they actually are amazing. You just wear them like regular underpants, rinse before washing, and pop them in the wash, to be used again, and again, and again. Why are they so great? Because it really reduces the impact our pads, tampons and liners make on the environment. It will also save you some serious coin over time.

2. Lunette Menstrual Cup

A cup you say? Yes a cup. This silicone, bell shaped creation is easy to use and gives you up to 12 hours of worry-free period protection. That means you can safely sleep with it in. Again, I have been using mine for about six months and absolutely love it. It has virtually replaced the need for buying tampons and pads as I use it in conjunction with the THINX underpants.

3. Fab little bag

We've all been there - at someone's house, work, school...you've had to change your pad or tampon and there's nowhere to leave it without everyone knowing you've got your period. Panic sets in, and well... I will admit... I've flushed a few tampons down the toilet in my time. Shame shame shame I know. Never flush another tampon, or wrap your pad in half a roll of toilet paper again. Meet the Fab Little Bag. This clever little invention lets you dispose of your sanitary products by placing them in a ...er... fab little bag! I love this product so much I've had to add it to my store.

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