Which oil is best for cooking?

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Ok, level with me. What’s really the healthiest cooking oil? Coconut oil has held the top spot in the oil department for some time now. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? 

Oils are similar in terms of energy - about 500kj per tablespoon - but each one packs its own unique perks too. 

best cooking oils for the kitchen

Olive oil

This is my favourite oil when it comes to cooking. This health hero can help lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as reduce inflammation. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is packed with antioxidants (something coconut oil is not) and anti-inflammatories than the regular version of olive oil. This is my go-to for cooking. People harp on about smoke point, and that coconut oil has a higher one, that’s actually a myth. Don’t believe me? Google it. Coconut oil is amazing don’t get me wrong, but I would rather get a boost of anti-oxidants with my cooking rather than just have fat.

Coconut oil

I’m still in love with the coco. One tablespoon has about 14g of fat, 13 of which are saturated. Saturated fats get a bad wrap, but the humble coconut fat contains lauric acid, which can help boost immunity and kill bad bacteria. It’s good for cooking, especially for dishes that need that little hint of coconut flavours like curries and muffins.

CAUTION: Ladies please don’t put kitchen grade coconut oil on your face or hair. The particles are way too heavy for skin and will block your pores leading to breakouts. As for your locks, if your hair has been damaged from over-processing from colour, or is weak and fragile, you need to get amino acids into the hair shaft, so definitely don't want to coat your hair in oil.
Coconut oil tends to seep into every tiny hole in your hair shaft and disguise the real problem to act as a quick-fix; this won't help your hair in the long-run.

Avocado oil

This baby is high in vitamin E and great for overall health. Avocado oil has been shown to help prevent periodontal disease (a type of gum disease). You can use avocado oil for just about any culinary purpose including sautéing, pan-frying, baking, roasting, popping, marinating, emulsifying, dipping and drizzling.

Hempseed oil

This is a vegetarian/vegan’s new BFF. Hemple extra virgin hempseed oil is unrefined and cold-pressed with a nutty, buttery flavour. A raw superfood oil, Hemple worships your body and is a source of omega 3 and 6 which can boost metabolism and immunity, help lower cholesterol and promote heart health.  With 40% less saturated fats than olive oil, use Hemple oil to take your salad dressings, dips, smoothies, pasta sauces, soups and baking to a new health high. Hempseed oil has a smoke point of 165 degrees, to enjoy all its benefits we don’t recommend using it to fry. 

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