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BYO Coffee Cup

My husband and I crunched the numbers at the end of last year and realised we spent over $5000 on take away coffee, not to mention the waste. That’s enough to pay for a holiday! 

We made the switch to reusable coffee cups. Most cafes actually offer 50c off your coffee if you bring your own cup which can add up to $182 for one person or $365. 

We also bought a machine at home, and try to make most of our coffee at home instead which can add up over the course of the year. 

BYO Water bottle

Water bottles are a huge money waster, a single bottle can be as expensive as $5 which if you have one every day could add up to just over $1800 over the year. Switch to a quality stainless steel water bottle and fill it up with fresh, filtered water from home.

BYO Lunch

Making your lunch is a massive way to save cash. Generally a take away lunch can be around that $15 mark and if you’re doing that 5 times per week you’re stacking up a whopping $3000 annually. Eating leftovers from home is a great way to save, as you can really get the cost per portion down to as little as $4-5 per serve if not less.

Brining your own bento boxes is a great way to save with takeaway. Many restaurants are embracing the zero waste movement and will offer a discount if you bring your own, the added bonus is you’ll get a little extra food also as these bentos tend to be generously proportioned.

Ditch the plastic wrap

Plastic wrap and sandwich bags are another wasteful item that has a fantastic sustainable alternative. If you buy a roll of GladWrap every fortnight it can add up to  $258.70 per year.

Beeswax wraps are a genius way to wrap your kids, or your own lunches, or save food in the fridge just pop it over what you’re trying to save, and you can reuse them for over a year.

Save on food waste

You know when you reach in the back of the crisper only to find soggy, droopy veggies that you end up throwing out? Or having your herbs die in the fridge before you even get to use them? That’s money wasted! I love using The Swag Bags at home. They are a great way to extend the life of your produce by up to 4 weeks!

You just wet them, wring them out, pop your veggies inside and keep them in the crisper where they will live a lot longer than in plastic.

Stop pouring money down the drain

A lot of people literally wash money down the drain in the bathroom. There are so many expensive body washes, and for women in particular make up removers that can really add up.

Try swapping to a natural bar of soap over body wash. Soaps are cheaper and more sustainable than body washes. Also using face cloths to wash your face and body, and swap the plastic loofa for an eco friendly one

Ditch the baby wipes

Baby wipes and nappies are a huge cost for parents - there are reusable options for both. We love the Nature's Child Reusable Wipes. Just use them, wash them, and use them again. 

They also make great face washers because they’re so soft, but just don’t share them with the baby.

BYO Shopping Bag 

Many of the major supermarkets will soon ban plastic bags, so it's a good idea to get in the habit of bringing your own bags. Some super markets will soon start to charge approximately 15c per bag at the checkout, which if you use at least 10 bags weekly for groceries can add up to about $80 annually.

We love the Ever Eco Mesh Totes are really stylish too and double as a great mum tote. I take this to the beach with my little boy as it really fit so much in.


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