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After a tough workout, your body deserves a little downtime. It's important to refuel your muscles with a proper balance of protein, carbs and good fats. Studies have also shown that being hydrated is also important for faster recovery. You may also want to consider these recovery methods to help you bounce back faster. 

Infra-red Saunas

This is like a traditional sauna but without the sea. Infra-red saunas use infra-red light rays to heat your body up from the inside. It takes a little longer for your body to warm up this way, but after a session, you’ll be dripping with sweat. Studies show that infra-red saunas are fantastic at supercharging your recovery after strength and endurance training, plus they may lower blood pressure, reduce the effects of stress and boost your immune system.

Float tanks

Not ideal if you’re a little claustrophobic, but the principle behind float therapy is bathing in either an individualised pod or tank filled with magnesium-rich water. The high levels of magnesium actually allow you to float, kind of like in The Dead Sea. The pod or room will be completely darkened during the length of your experience, enforcing sensory deprivation, which can, according to studies, induce deep relaxation associated, reduction of stress, anxiety, depression and muscle soreness. For anyone that finds meditation challenging, float tanks are a great way to get you started.


This wellness trend has really taken off, with whole-body cryotherapy studios have been popping up all over Australia. Cryotherapy has been used for years to reduced heat stress and inflammation. How does this happen? Basically, you’ll be in a CryoCabin for three to five minutes, where the sub-zero temperature is said to trigger your autonomic, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous systems which then transfers blood from your extremities to your core and vital organs. It is said that for up to 48 hours after the treatment, your body will continue to rejuvenate itself reducing inflammation, sore muscles and increasing your athletic performance.

Stretch Class

If you’re prone to skipping your post-workout stretch, you should book in for an assisted stretch class offered by many pilates and yoga studios. Stretch classes focus on dynamic stretching that will assist with flexibility, mobility but also breathing.

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a fantastic way to treat yourself at home. When done correctly, foam rolling can assist with relieving tense muscles and improving recovery time. Don’t have a foam roller at home? Your gym or yoga studio will usually have one, so be sure to make a little extra time to roll out your muscles after a workout or class.

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