25 Self-Care Ideas for Guys

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Self care isn't just for women. In fact, guys need to prioritise self-care just as much, if not even more as the ladies. Why? Let me explain.

So many men have this idea that the only way to succeed is to work your butt off, exercise to complete exhaustion, and do better and be better than every guy around you. They compare themselves with guys in their friendship circles, people in their office, strangers at the gym and go full bull to try to become top dog. Many don't even realise they're doing it.

Many men, and women, measure their success by how hard they work and how much they can acquire. This “no pain, no gain” attitude, as I recently learned, can have many quite negative effects on both your physical and mental health, and often leads to injuries, anxiety, depression and total body burn out.

One can develop feelings of emptiness, anxiety, and disconnection from their bodies, themselves and others.

Because taking care of yourself can often make you look "weak" or feminine, guys can often stop looking after themselves, and get in a rut of boring, repetitive and not very nutritious meals, wearing clothes they don't like or that are too small or too big, and generally 'let themselves go'. 

This can trigger a downward spiral of low self confidence, alienating yourself from your friends, become depressed, and anxious.

Self-care is a great way to reverse this cycle of disconnection and worth making a priority because:

  • Your health gets better
  • Your mental health will improve
  • You become more present
  • You will decrease your stress levels and the negative impact of stress on your body
  • You will become more connected to your body and what it's telling you about your health
  • You will become more resilient
  • You will become more creative and perform better at work
  • You will sleep better
  • Your sex drive will increase
  • You will inspire others

    In choosing your self-care ritual, it's important to find what feels good for you and your body, because self-care is a highly personal thing. 

    Here are some ideas to get your started. If you have an idea, schedule it in, and make it your priority to get it done.

    Ladies if you know a male in your life that you know can do with a little TLC please encourage them to take some time out for themselves by suggesting any of the following ideas.

    25 Self-Care Ideas for Guys

    1. Get a massage
    2. Go for a run or do a workout
    3. Look after what you eat
    4. Do a guided meditation
    5. Clock in some quality time with your family
    6. Journal
    7. Read for pleasure
    8. Volunteer
    9. Treat yourself to a professional close shave
    10. Learn to say no and not feel guilty
    11. Take a long shower or bath
    12. Go for a walk
    13. Spend time in nature, go for a hike or hit the beach
    14. Sleep in
    15. Cook a nourishing and tasty meal for yourself
    16. Update your wardrobe
    17. Get a hair cut
    18. Do some mindful breathing
    19. Work in the garden
    20. Create a new playlist
    21. Book in a man date with your friends
    22. Plan a boys trip away
    23. Ask for help
    24. Have some technology and screen free time
    25. Get a facial

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