10 ways to reduce plastic in your life

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Let’s be kinder to mama earth today, tomorrow and everyday by making a conscious choice to help end plastic pollution. Plastic is threatening our planet's survival. It's poisoning and injuring marine life, disrupting human hormones, littering our beaches, landscapes and clogging our streams and landfills. Plan ahead and avoid using plastic in your day to day life.

1. Swap your plastic toothbrushes for biodegradable ones.

biodegradable toothbrushes

2. Use a reusable cup when you get takeaway coffee or make coffee at home.

3. Switch to reusable shopping & produce bags at the grocery store, and better yet shop from your local farmer's markets if possible.

4. Swap to biodegradable wipes & bandages.

5. Bring your own containers when you buy take away food, or pack your own lunch at home.

6. Use reusable containers when storing food, instead of plastic wrap.

7. Say no to plastic straws, sip from the glass or bring your own reusable one.

8. Use a reusable drink bottles instead of plastic bottles.

9. Shop at whole-food stores & buy in bulk instead of food that is individually packaged.

10. Swap your shower gel to a bar of natural, organic soap, & use a biodegradable loofah or cloth instead of a shower pouf.

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